2022 SCM Morbidelli n100 CNC 8×4….Just arrived, further pictures to follow

Just 5 hours work please see specification

R0.22.83    morbidelli n100 12 B  2486×1255 Z150

63.04.58    F12L drilling head
63.04.05    Tool holder with higher capacity
63.03.53    Left rear stops for “A” field
63.03.19    Retractable stops for E and H fields managed by NC
63.03.54    Tool length detection device
63.04.06    Workpieces outfeed pusher on the left side
63.04.97    Control panel on the unloading table
63.03.56    250/300 m³/h  50/60 Hz vacuum pump
63.05.22    Console with integrated PC “eye-M PRO”
            Windows 10 embedded 64 bit operating system
             TELESOLVE teleservice via internet
             MAESTRO ACTIVE Human-Machine interface software (HMI)
              Maestro cnc programming software
            Hardware key for Maestro cnc
52.39.62    Advanced nesting form + Label module for Maestro cnc
63.03.59    Additional key for Maestro cnc (USB port)
08.32.12    Wooden blocks
10.99.52    C.E. safety norms
93.07.31    Volt 400 EU
93.12.01    Frequency 50 Hz
10.99.91    Machine language: ENGLISH
52.52.50    Maestro connect: basic set-up (cabling only, for later gateway installation)
52.46.50    Maestro connect: 1-year subscription service (kit Gateway “plug&play” included)