0.3 – 15mm in solid strips
10 – 60mm Thickness
Variable feed speed of 10 – 25m/min
Distance between successive panels @10m/min 600mm and at 25m/min 700mm
Capable of running both EVA and PUR

Perfect glue line with the “SGP” glue pot thanks to the optimal dosing and the special spreading roller. The ant-adherent treatment of the glue pot and the simple and quick glue change make possible the use of eva and pur.

A00067 1.00 Execution to European “CE” safety standards
R02009 1.00 stefani md – composition “T-ERS” (65)
930731 1.00 Voltage 400 EU
931201 1.00 Frequency 50 Hz
083238 1.00 Clogs
109991 1.00 Machine language in English
621510 1.00 “Maestro active edge” control system
621511 1.00 Maestro connect: preparation without gateway for subsequent installation
A00007 1.00 “AAR” anti-adhesive device
A00008 1.00 Nebulizing device for edge finishing
A00884 1.00 “Nesting” copier kit

£48,500 +VAT with delivery, installation and training options available, please enquire.