2023 Minimax ME20 Hot Melt Edgebander

0.4-2mm Thickness of edging. Up to 5mm thickness for strips.

3 Phase (230v Single phase available +£250) both in stock now

The ME 20 automatic edge banders is entirely designed and built by MiniMax backed by the experience and expertise of the SCM Group.

Compact, precise and versatile. Rapid retooling when changing over from one edge band thickness to another. These were the main design specifications around which the machine was developed.
The ME20 will apply a variety of edge bands ranging in thickness from 0.4 mm to 2.0 mm. The machine has an automatic loader for edge rolls and a pneumatic end cutter unit which guarantees a clean, precision cut on the leading and trailing edges of the panel.

The trimming unit has its own 0.37 kW motor and trims the surplus edge banding using two, widia-tipped cutters with a 75 mm diameter. Trimming precision is guaranteed by two, chromed copiers which are bearing mounted to ensure smooth panel feed.

A top-mounted 0.18 kW feeder ensures uniform, powerful panel feed through the machine.

The ME20 has a non-stick, aluminium glue tank with 5 resistances providing uniform glue melting and heating. A knurled roller, with micrometric adjustment, applies the glue to the edge.

The machine is reasonably priced and therefore well within the reach of woodworking workshops and small carpentry businesses and what is, potentially, a wide market.

Technical specifications
working table dimension 1950x300mm
working table height 904mm
min/max edge thickness 0,4/1,5 – 2mm
min/max working thickness 10/45mm
motorized feeder speed 5m/min
trimmers cutting speed 12.000r.p.m.
carbide tip tools diam. 75 mm Z4-15°
aspiration outlet diam. 120mm
glue pot motor power 0.18 kw
working temperature 20-450 C°
feed motor power 0.18 kw
trimming motor power 0.37kw
total weight Kg 270
max. overall dimensions L= 2045mm P= 1135mm H= 1290mm