SCM TI120E Class Spindle Moulder –

3 Phase

Two way tilt spindle moulder to Ce regs, tilts plus/minus 45.5°

Powered rise & fall

Powered tilt

LED Readouts to the spindle movements

Numerical readouts to the fence assembly in representation to the tool diameter

Power feed electrical preparation

Reverse spindle rotation


Specification –

  • Table size 1200×810
  • Tilt arbor +/- 45 degrees
  • Working length of spindle 140mm
  • Spindle speeds 3000/4500/6000/7000/10000
  • Maximum diameter of profile tooling 250mm
  • Maximum tool diameter retractable under the table at 90 degrees 300mm
  • Maximum diameter of tenoning tooling 300mm
  • Spindle base projection from table with interchangeable shaft 53mm
  • External diameter of dust outlet on spindle moulder hood 120mm
  • External diameter of exhaust outlet on base 2 x 80mm
  • Exhaust system air consumption 1550 m3/h


Upgrades Included on this machine –


Aluminium fence plates

MK4 interchangeable spindle with 30mm option

LL version, extended cast iron bed left and right with pull out board support