2018 SCM Superset NT 5 Head Moulder


Technical Specifications and a list of additional upgrades on the machine:

Superset 5 head composition

Cutter blocks – 1st bottom planing head Xylent, 2nd and 3rd upright heads Tersa, 4th horizontal head tersa, 5th head no block included

Tandem feed unit

Kit to reduce minimum width to 15mm

260mm width upgrade (from 230mm)

120mm thickness

Worktable with rexilon inserts

Automatic lubrication pump for worktable

Auto braking motor upgrade to 11kw, 7.5kw, 7,5kw, 11kw, 11kw

Rapid tool locking to all heads

Preset 25 tool diameter measurement device

List price a new model is over £70,000+ VAT with a 9 month lead time